April Story of the Month

You can be brave…with a little help.

Gabrielle was so scared. She would not open her mouth for our nurse to do a screening. After much gentle cajoling, she finally opened her mouth and the nurse could see why she was so scared. Gabrielle’s mouth was a mess and she would certainly need extensive dental work at our clinic.

The quick thinking nurse asked Gabrielle to write down three things she would want the dentist to know:

                1. “I want to have clean teeth.”

                2. “I want to have healthy teeth.”

                3. “I am really scared, so please tell me everything you are going to do.”

That simple note followed Gabrielle through the clinic. Each dentist responded with gentle encouragement every step of the way. Gabrielle completed six appointments in one week. She left the clinic with a brilliant smile and a real sense of accomplishment. Those wonderful dentists helped her be brave when she wasn’t sure she could be.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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