Annual Appeal


Thanks to you for joining Young & Healthy in embracing the demands of the children in our community who need healthcare, whether that be medical, dental or mental healthcare, insurance support, education or simply coordination of care. The complexity of services that Young & Healthy provides is certainly demonstrated by the story of the Martinez family.

Marisol came to us in 2007 for a simple routine appointment for one of her three young girls. We became reacquainted with Marisol in 2016 when her girls required assistance with physical exams and eyeglasses and recently participated in the Mobile Dental Clinic. This past spring, however, things really heated up for the Martinez family when the oldest daughter, Angelica, was having terrible stomach issues and ended up in the ER and left with a diagnosis of constipation and stress. Marisol knew there was something more to the situation so she returned to Y&H to request help for her 16 year-old. Y&H coordinated a visit to a GI specialist and worked to get the family MediCal insurance. Though the MediCal coverage was not approved until April, Angelica was hospitalized for three weeks in March due to anorexia. Discharge instructions included visiting an outpatient eating disorder clinic, for which Angelica needed but could not seem to get a referral from her primary care physician. Frustrated and stressed, Marisol again turned to Y&H where our case managers jumped in to help obtain the appropriate referrals and now Angelica is seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist on a regular basis. Navigating the healthcare system is not an easy process, but making the connections and building trusting relationships with families is what Young & Healthy strives to accomplish.

Today we are writing to ask you for your continued support of our important work in the community. Our efforts are proving successful and through the funding of our Annual Appeal, Young & Healthy plans to continue to assist many more children in need.

Your dollars make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who need it the most.

We hope that you will join us in embracing care for the whole child and in continuing to provide for the underserved in order to strengthen our community overall. Can we count on YOU to help make a difference in the life of a child?

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Jason Lyon
Board President      

Mary Donnelly-Crocker
Executive Director

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

Help us continue to make Pasadena a healthier and happier place for everyone.

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