2015 Mobile Dental Clinic

MCF_8142 resized MCF_8176 resized MCF_7979 resized MCF_7883 resizedYoung & Healthy sponsored the Mobile Dental Clinic from February 27- March 6 this year.  The mobile dental vans from USC rolled in and set up shop at Eliot Middle School in order to provide services to 107 needy Pasadena area children.  On Friday, all of the children received a screening and a dental treatment plan for the coming week.  On Saturday each child had a complete dental cleaning.  During the rest of the following week, each child had multiple appointments in order to complete their treatment plan.

Many thanks to Young & Healthy’s financial sponsors for the clinic, The Patron Saints Foundation and the Lions Club Memorial Trust.  Thank you also to all our volunteers, including National Charity League Pasadena volunteers, who helped entertain the young patients who awaited their appointments, as well as Panda Cares, who donated and served a delicious lunch to all dentists, volunteers and patients and their families.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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