Young & Healthy

Program Professionals

Young & Healthy has proven that
if enough people volunteer their services,
a community can make a substantial difference
in the lives of its children.


Young & Healthy’s program includes the following professionals:

Physicians and Other Specialists

Over 300 local volunteer pediatricians, physical therapists, optometrists, podiatrists and other specialists are available on a rotating basis to provide medical treatment to children in their offices. Surgical and other outpatient services are also available. Huntington Medical Foundation, which recently “adopted” Young & Healthy, will provide actual medical homes for uninsured Young & Healthy families, a generous and positive step toward better comprehensive medical care.


Over forty volunteer dentists are available on a rotating basis to provide acute dental services to children in their offices.

Mental Health Providers

Our fourteen volunteer licensed mental health care professionals are available to provide free individual counseling to children on a first-come, first-served basis.  A range of general mental health concerns, as well as more specific behavioral and emotional problems, may be covered.

Case Managers

After the initial referral, a full-time case manager follows up on each child referred to one of our professional providers. They help parents obtain any additional or ongoing care that their child might need and equip them with information about other kinds of community resources.  Our experience and expertise allows us to provide clients with the assistance in “navigating the healthcare system”, often needed by families in order to utilize their insurance benefits.

See the full list of our current Professional Volunteers 

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