Young & Healthy

Community Volunteers


Young & Healthy has a variety of community volunteer opportunities with varying time commitments. Volunteer commitments can be either a single project or event, or can be ongoing.  Because Young & Healthy professional volunteers provide services in their private offices, Young & Healthy does not have any clinical-based community volunteer opportunities.  However, below are on-going volunteer opportunities:

First Grade Dental Education Program: Receive training and supplies to make 30-minute presentations once a month (Oct.-May) to first graders about oral health.

Special Events: Work at alternative gift markets, health fairs & community events including USC mobile dental clinic, and dental screening days.

Translation: Provide translation for families at their children’s appointments.

Transportation: Provide transportation for children and families to their children’s doctor appointments.

Young & Healthy Office: Help with clerical tasks and projects as needed.

PUSD Health Office Support: Help with clerical tasks and projects as needed.

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