Young & Healthy

December Story of the Month

The Ups & Downs of Income…and Care

Sometimes our clients have fluctuating incomes, which means they have fluctuating access to healthcare.

Sophia was disqualified from Medi-Cal because she made too much money.  The social worker from the hospital referred her to us for help in adjusting her insurance.

We found that Sophia was eligible for a plan through Covered California and she qualified for a “stipend” to help cover the costs.  Unfortunately, within six months, Sophia’s income plummeted and she could no longer afford the premiums through Covered California.  Back she went to Medi-Cal and back to Young & Healthy for help in navigating the quagmire of insurance changes and paperwork.

As a community, we are getting better at helping families understand WHY insurance is so important, but it still isn’t easy for them to pursue it.

Posted in Story of the Month on December 8, 2016.
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