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  • December Story of the Month

    Michelle has more than the normal amount of anxiety for a teen.  In fact, she has a serious anxiety disorder requiring daily medication and weekly therapy. Luckily, she has Medi-Cal, a form of public insurance to help her access the care she needs.  However, Michelle came to Young & Healthy when she needed some dental […]

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  • November Story of the Month

    We saw it on the news…Politicians talked about it…People took sides… But when Raul was referred to Young & Healthy, we just saw his most pressing needs. He was very scared and alone–LITERALLY. Raul was one of the many children who journeyed toward a safe haven, from Guatemala, all alone. He was traumatized, to say […]

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  • October Story of the Month

    Giving Back Mrs. Santos and her family emigrated from the Philippines last year. Her boys are in school and she is a dedicated and involved mom. Her three boys were patients in our mobile dental clinic, receiving long overdue care that she simply could not afford.  She was so delighted and grateful for their new […]

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  • September Story of the Month

    Seeing is Believing Sixteen-year-old Maricella had a rough start in life.  After many years of heartache and neglect, she ended up in the loving home of her aunt.  Trying to “make things right” for her niece, she brought her to Young & Healthy.  Maricella still had the same glasses, battered and taped up, that she’d […]

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  • March Story of the Month

    Dental Care Takes Care of More Than Teeth Ten-year-old Simone and 12-year-old Tim, brothers, were recent patients at our Mobile Dental Clinic. Dental work can be stressful for any child and by day four of his care, Simone was growing weary and nervous. Because the USC Dental team wanted this to be a positive experience […]

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