Category: Story of the Month

March Story of the Month

Insurance Comes Just in Time

Steve is a senior in high school and has been one of the “lucky ones”. Steve and his brothers have been provided a medical home with one of our volunteer doctors since 2010. His pediatrician recently diagnosed an eye problem that required the service of another volunteer doctor, an ophthalmologist. He has a serious bacterial infection in his eyes and has now been linked to the USC Eye Clinic for ongoing care.

In addition, the Young & Healthy insurance team has worked diligently to get Steve full-scope MediCal. With that, his care should continue uninterrupted. This insurance comes just in time, as he will “age out” of many other services when he turns 18. Young & Healthy is glad to be able to make his transition to adulthood a little easier.

February Story of the Month

I know I wasn’t this brave at 17

Poor, sweet Celine was crying in class.  Her compassionate teacher reached out to Young & Healthy to get her help with her increasing dental pain.  Her oral health needs are only a part of this 17-year-old’s story.

Celine travelled from South America to find the one relative she thought she could count on.  She did this alone.  Her slightly older brother is doing everything he can to support her, but this requires long hours as a day laborer.  He gets no sick leave or days off.  When it came to getting Celine to a dentist, it was the Young & Healthy staff who stepped in to provide transportation and translation.  With the help of several volunteer dentists and an oral surgeon, Celine is now on her way to being pain free.

Would you have been brave enough to do what Celine has done?   Young & Healthy is happy to have provided a bit of support along her way.


January Story of the Month

When Life Prevents Use of Insurance

Mikey has been through a lot. His tooth really hurts, but unfortunately that is the least of it.

Mikey’s mom has been a victim of domestic violence, which has required a restraining order against his dad.  Sadly, dad holds all of the home accounts for water, gas, power, etc. in his name and has cancelled all services.  He also controls all access to the family’s health insurance.  In addition, for some time, Mikey and his mom have been homeless!

Untangling the red tape of the family’s insurance could easily take up to six months.  Mikey and his mom came to Young & Healthy to gain access to a dentist in order to get Mikey the care he needs.   No one, especially an eleven-year-old in pain, should have to wait to see a dentist.   With Young & Healthy’s assistance, he didn’t have to wait.  Mikely was immediately sent to a volunteer dentist.   His little life has enough pain and suffering already, and now, a tooth ache isn’t a part of it.




October Story of the Month

Insurance Doesn’t Always Mean ACCESS

 Sasha is young and pregnant.  She had health care coverage under her family’s Medi-Cal insurance. In theory, her prenatal care should all have been taken care of—IN THEORY.

But Sasha has multiple challenges. First, she is no longer welcome at home, so she has lost access to her family’s insurance. Trying to do right by the baby, she sought prenatal care at a local clinic. When she could not pay her bills, she was no longer welcome at the clinic for prenatal care. The domino effect was in full force for Sasha.

When she came to Young & Healthy, the most important issue for Sasha – prenatal care – was addressed immediately! One of our volunteer doctors cared for her, while staff worked hard to obtain an individual insurance plan on her behalf.  Once insurance was obtained for Sasha, we were able to send her back to a local clinic for care and the delivery of her baby. Our doctor filled a gap in service at a very crucial time.

We look forward to meeting Sasha’s baby in a few months when she comes to visit Young & Healthy.

August Story of the Month

Sometimes the answer is YES

The staff alerted me to two challenges when taking dental referrals: 1) We didn’t have enough dentists to treat our youngest clients (under six); and 2) we didn’t have the resources we needed to treat our teenage clients who needed root canals and crowns.

 We held a dinner for our volunteer dentists and asked for their best thinking. Within a week we had a plan to recruit doctors to treat little ones, and several dentists who will do root canals, as well as a dental lab that will donate crowns.

 Pretty good timing for 17-year-old Desiree, whose mouth was so damaged that she needed partial dentures.

 A year ago, we would have been without resources, but today we have the gift of Den-Tech who is building new dentures. Desiree is on her way to a healthy mouth, and we are most grateful.