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  • March15 SOTM-photo

    March Story of the Month

    When Paths Cross Twelve-year-old Dembelo has never walked or talked. His parents were told that he has cerebral palsy.  As if that weren’t enough, Dembelo also had a seizure every day for twelve years! Luckily, Dembelo’s family came to Pasadena from Nigeria so his father could study theology at Fuller Seminary. While their time in […]

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  • Feb15 SOTM photo

    February Story of the Month

    It Took A “Village”: Last week, every single member of our referral team was on a call at the same time– for one child. Maribella had come to apply for Medi-Cal but it quickly became evident to the staff that they were witnessing a true mental health emergency. Even without speaking to each other, they […]

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  • Jan15 SOTM-photo

    January Story of the Month

    While visiting family in Mexico, 11-year-old Mario broke his arm. He was taken to a local clinic where his arm was casted. Upon returning to school, he was still in considerable pain and, of course, needed follow-up care. New x-rays determined his arm had not been re-set properly and follow-up would prove complicated. Our partners […]

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  • Dec14 SOTM photo

    December Story of the Month

    Michelle has more than the normal amount of anxiety for a teen.  In fact, she has a serious anxiety disorder requiring daily medication and weekly therapy. Luckily, she has Medi-Cal, a form of public insurance to help her access the care she needs.  However, Michelle came to Young & Healthy when she needed some dental […]

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  • Nov14 SOTM photo

    November Story of the Month

    We saw it on the news…Politicians talked about it…People took sides… But when Raul was referred to Young & Healthy, we just saw his most pressing needs. He was very scared and alone–LITERALLY. Raul was one of the many children who journeyed toward a safe haven, from Guatemala, all alone. He was traumatized, to say […]

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