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May Story of the Month

Step by Step Coordination of Care

A refugee family from Honduras was recently referred to us by a local church.  Carmen, a single mother, has four children, two girls ages 11 and 5, and two boys ages 2 and 7 months. When we met the family, the two youngest children were sick and in need of immediate care, so we set up doctor appointments right away.  It was then that the baby was diagnosed with an upper urinary tract infection, probably due to the fact that the family did not have the money for enough diapers. The baby was provided the necessary prescription.  In the meantime, we also connected the family with Families in Transition at PUSD to help them enroll the two older children in school.  Through this connection, Carmen learned about additional services available to her family, including obtaining some school supplies.

Young & Healthy assisted with transportation and helped Carmen connect with a local parent to aide her with translation and answers about basic living needs.  We also facilitated the enrollment process for the young boys in the Head Start program and communicated back to the church regarding the family’s status.  Our case management staff has coordinated physical examinations and immunizations for all of the children at this point, is working on enrolling the family in MediCal and continues to collaborate with community partners to better support this family overall.  Step by step, we have been able to provide this family with the care they needed for a healthy immersion into their new home and community.


March Story of the Month

Mobile Dental Clinic 2019

Seven-year-old Keith doesn’t exactly love going to the dentist. In fact, he gets pretty scared. At a previous dental appointment he was so frightened, he fainted. Keith’s mom was understandably nervous about having him get treated at our Mobile Dental Clinic. The Young & Healthy team and the USC dentist did all they could to reassure them both.  Mom knew her son desperately needed to see a dentist, so she nervously agreed to the treatment. The staff pulled all the stops to create a good experience for Keith.

Well, it worked!  A text we received from mom said, “Thank you so much for everything you did for Keith. He made new friends with you and he really loves you guys.”

We are so glad Keith got his teeth all fixed, but we are happier still that he had a positive dental experience. It’s not just about teeth, it’s also about kindness and compassion.


January Story of the Month

Even if one person in a family begins a mindfulness practice…the whole family can benefit.

Paul, the father of kindergartner, Maxine, reported, “Last night, Maxine and I were getting frustrated with each other, like fathers and daughters do sometimes, and then Maxine suggested that we try to calm down by practicing some mindfulness together. She went and grabbed her heart pillow and had me lay down. She taught me how to use the pillow by placing it on my belly and watching it move up and down as I breathed. We quickly stopped being frustrated with one another and felt calmer because we were doing something relaxing together. We then used a meditation app on my cell phone so that we could keep practicing and relaxing. Maxine put headphones in my ears and I actually fell asleep. While I was sleeping, my younger son woke up from his nap crying. My wife said she saw him come over and put his hands over my ears so I could keep sleeping. The practice of mindfulness has been really helpful for all of us.”

Perhaps we should allow our children lead us!  After just a few of Young & Healthy’s mindfulness classes, six-year-old Maxine is leading her family to calmness and connection. Let’s all take a long deep breath and say “Ahhhhhhhhh…!”

December Story (Video) of the Month

Mindfulness in Action

There is a saying that says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  I wonder how much a video is worth?  ten thousand words?

Please enjoy the adorable little Kindergarten fellow who is part of our newly launched Mindfulness program.

When we help children (and adults) understand and manage their own emotional lives, we can bring calm, focus and peacefulness forward.  Can you think of a better time to learn these skills than in Kindergarten?  Enjoy!

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October Story of the Month


Rebecca, our mindfulness educator, arrived on campus one day and noticed a familiar kindergarten student crying in the hallway. Ramona was a very talkative student, who often was reminded in class not to speak out of turn and was sometimes sent out of the classroom. When Rebecca saw her in the hallway, she assumed that her teacher had sent her out there to calm down. Crouching down to be at her eye level, she asked, “What’s wrong, Ramona?” Still crying, she replied, “My friend took my bike at recess and wouldn’t let me play with it.” She responded, “Aw, Ramona. I’m so sorry. I can see that you’re very sad about that. You are crying.” Ramona sniffled, “Yeah.” Rebecca asked, “Is there anything we’ve been learning in class that you think could help you right now with how you are feeling?” Ramona immediately put her hands on her belly and took deep breaths. Rebecca responded, “Oh! You remember the belly breathing we’ve practiced.” She joined her and they took three more deep breaths together. Ramona then stopped crying and said, “I’m ready to go back to class now,” and she walked back to class with her “breathing teacher”.

Sometimes we all just need to remember to BREATHE!

Check out the video below—it just might help you remember too.