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  • April Story of the Month

    One Breath at a Time Young & Healthy has launched an educational program designed to bring a broader understanding of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) to community members. The program includes many components where we discuss how toxic stress in childhood effects our brain development, our behavior, our ability to learn and even our long-term health. […]

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  • March Story of the Month

    The Mobile Dental Clinic Opens More Doors The last year of high school should be filled with fun, proms, planning for the future and finally, graduation!  Not so for Rogelio, a high school senior who participated in our recent Mobile Dental Clinic.  Rogelio came for dental care but left the clinic with the Young & […]

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  • February Story of the Month

    Trauma Informed Care in the Works When Susanna’s behavior is volatile and disruptive to the rest of the class, she is sent to the principal’s office. Her angry outbursts can be difficult to manage and she sometimes lashes out at other children. This isn’t a good situation for anyone involved–especially Susanna. Luckily for this fourth […]

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  • January Story of the Month

    Surly to Sweet Sabrina has a very sick little boy who needs healthcare attention.  More than one agency in town has told her he needs insurance–NOW!  Sabrina is beyond frustrated and quite confused by all the healthcare “lingo” and rules by what she, not-so-lovingly, calls “THE COUNTY”.  With her mounting anger, Sabrina arrived at Young […]

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  • November Story of the Month

    Giving Thanks Every family needs a leader, someone who can take charge when things get rough. Sometimes we find those leaders in very young children. Victor is only twelve-years-old but you might never guess that by his actions. Victor is the spokesperson for his family, helping his mom and little sister navigate through life in […]

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