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    January Story of the Month

    When Life Prevents Use of Insurance Mikey has been through a lot. His tooth really hurts, but unfortunately that is the least of it. Mikey’s mom has been a victim of domestic violence, which has required a restraining order against his dad.  Sadly, dad holds all of the home accounts for water, gas, power, etc. […]

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  • annual-appeal

    Give the Gift of Health and Hope This Holiday – 2015 Annual Appeal

    Dear Friends, Twelve-year-old Amadia has never walked or talked.  She has lived with daily seizures since she was a baby.  Her parents were told that she has cerebral palsy.  As luck would have it, Amadia’s family recently came to Pasadena so that her father could study theology at Fuller Seminary.  Since in Pasadena, their lives […]

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    October Story of the Month

    Insurance Doesn’t Always Mean ACCESS  Sasha is young and pregnant.  She had health care coverage under her family’s Medi-Cal insurance. In theory, her prenatal care should all have been taken care of—IN THEORY. But Sasha has multiple challenges. First, she is no longer welcome at home, so she has lost access to her family’s insurance. […]

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  • August 2015-photo

    August Story of the Month

    Sometimes the answer is YES The staff alerted me to two challenges when taking dental referrals: 1) We didn’t have enough dentists to treat our youngest clients (under six); and 2) we didn’t have the resources we needed to treat our teenage clients who needed root canals and crowns.  We held a dinner for our […]

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    Summer Story of the Month

    Last week there was the usual quiet hum of conversation at Young & Healthy. Clients and staff were quietly discussing health options for their children or which insurance plans would work best for their families. Suddenly it wasn’t so quiet. I heard a very animated voice say, “OMG, OMG I can’t believe it! You are […]

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